Unmannedpower is representing a well-established, highly reputable company by contacting incumbent professionals to staff the Army UAS Instruction and Mission Support contract upon award.  If our client is awarded the Army UAS contract, professionals who have expressed interest in advance through Unmannedpower will receive first consideration for immediate job openings.  Expressing your interest and getting priority consideration is as simple as sending us your resume and providing some basic information to Unmannedpower.  We will maintain your confidentiality and will not share your information outside of our company unless/until our client is awarded the contract.

We aren’t telling you anything you don’t know, of course, but the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Aviation Center of Excellence has published an RFP to recompete the UAS Instruction and Mission Support contract as a small business set aside.  Because this RFP is specifically limited to small businesses, the contract will be awarded to someone new and your paycheck will have a new name on it in the coming months.  We know most people are very loyal to their current employer, but we can’t change the contracting rules!

We expect you may have some questions about working with us specifically.  We’ve tried to answer some of the questions we’ve received below.  Have another question?  We’d love to hear from you.  Just email us!

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We are working on behalf of a company that is in a strong position to be awarded the contract.  Our client knows from experience that it benefits the employees and the Army to be prepared well in advance to transition qualified personnel quickly and to minimize job uncertainty for highly trained employees.  Once the contract is awarded, there is usually a lot of uncertainty on behalf of the employees, so we are being proactive in reaching out to you to minimize the job concerns, increase the communication, and help you change shirts successfully.

Unmannedpower is a recruiting firm that works exclusively with clients and job seekers in the unmanned space.  For over 5 years, we have been working with professionals like you to find fulfilling jobs in unmanned.  We exist to man the unmanned world!

We’ve represented companies of 10 and companies of 10,000 people.  We have worked extensively with clients supporting the DoD and with DoD civilians, contractors, and transitioning service men and women.  We appreciate that the UAS space is a well-connected community, and we are careful to protect the information our job seekers share with us.  We invite you to click the link above to learn more on our website.

Our client is a company that has been in business for over 15 years.  They are a very reputable company with employee retention rates at least 3-4% better than the industry average and customer satisfaction survey scores that are off the charts!  They have strong experience in UAS training and a long history in providing training support for multiple DoD contracts.  Training is their core business, and they are well suited to be successful in this arena.

As you know, this will be a highly competitive bid for the UAS IMS contract.  Our client has hired us to represent them in order to maintain their confidentiality and perceived competitive advantage.  Therefore, we are not able to provide specific client information.

Unmannedpower takes the confidentiality of all of our job seekers very seriously.  Your information will not leave our office without your express consent.  We won’t even share it with our client until after contract award and notification to you that we are going to do so.

Registering with Unmannedpower (on behalf of our client) does not prevent you from working with any other company in the event the contract award goes to someone else.  It simply gives you priority consideration if our client wins.  We wish you the best of success in working for whichever company wins the contract.

Because candidates who apply now through Unmannedpower will receive priority consideration for immediate job opportunities upon contract transition.  We are, essentially, the client’s HR department for this particular contract effort.  By working with us in advance, we will already have your basic information, the means to contact you, and your thumbs up that you are interested in employment opportunities doing what you love to do.  Makes sense that we’d call you first!

This may seem unusual to you, but we’ve worked with a number of clients on a confidential basis to help identify interested candidates during the proposal stage and before contract award.  If you think about it, this isn’t much different from the 2 or 3 job fairs that companies also bidding on this contract have hosted right there on site.  Experienced companies know the value of hiring experienced and qualified people quickly upon contract award, and preparation in advance is the key.

We aren’t trying to hire you away from your current employer or prevent you from working for another company.  Of course not!  We are simply giving you an opportunity to be in the first group of people our client interviews for a job if they win the contract.

I don’t know what the precise language in your current contract is, and I’m not a contracts lawyer.  Applying with Unmannedpower to express interest in priority consideration is not, in our experience, a conflict of interest.  Only one company can be awarded the contract, so there would be no conflict.

This is strictly contingent upon contract award.  Sharing basic information with Unmannedpower at this point is equivalent to providing basic information to a recruiter or headhunter…with the added benefit of being first in line to apply and interview for jobs should our client be awarded the contract.