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Looking For Something To Do On Vacation? Take These Books With You!

Can you believe July 4th is next week?  Didn’t we just celebrate St. Patty’s day last week?

Summer is upon us, and many of us look forward to catching up on some reading during vacations. Some of you like to pack a real book and read on the beach with the sound of the waves in the background. Others prefer to follow blogs on their device. And, if you are like me, you love to avoid downtime driving or in front of the kitchen sink by listening to podcasts.

Regardless of how you prefer to catch up on your professional development, one thing I know about most of you is that professional development is important to you.

So, to help you out, below is a commented list of recommended summer resources on leadership and talent management in a disruptive world, on the drone industry in general, and on the future of work.

What to book
For those of us working in this topsy-turvy world of unmanned and robotics, reading up on disruption and the influence of digital seems like a good idea. The first two books deal with that topic while the last focuses on how to keep your people happy in a fast-moving, crazy environment.

  • Digital Disruption – The Future of Work, Skills, Leadership, Education, and Careers in a Digital World by Tracey Wilen looks at the fact that “everything we do is impacted by technology―how we communicate with others, connect at work, learn at school, and live our lives. (…) But how do we rethink our approach to the new technologic world of work, leadership, lifelong learning, skill development, and careers?”
  • Evolving Digital Leadership – How to Be a Digital Leader in Tomorrow’s Disruptive World by James Brett. This book is kind of the leadership manual for those with a technical background. Here is what the publisher says about it: “As a leader you need to constantly evolve to achieve sustained success. The world is being transformed by Digital. The pace of change is constantly accelerating, and volatility and complexity are the new norms. Digital leaders are at the forefront of these waves of change, creating new markets and transforming traditional ones.”
  • Build it – the Rebel Playbook for World Class Employee Engagement just came out a couple of months ago. In light of research that shows that only about the 30% of employees are engaged, the hypothesis of the book is that the current way of treating people has failed. It takes a look at companies that do things differently – and successfully. Their approach is built on the Engagement Bridge™ model – well worth a look.

What to blog
While there are more books on leadership and management than you could ever read in a lifetime, online resources are – you guessed it – limitless.
This post on Feedspot lists no less than 60 drone blogs and websites to follow in 2018. Assuming you have some other things to do than to follow dozens of blogs, let me introduce just three to you:

  • Bing Blog is a fresh look at leadership and management in today´s world. What attracts me to it is its focus to “spark out-of-the-box thinking.”
  • RecruitingBlogs – in a way the Mercedes Benz in the HR blogosphere. In their own words, the “#1 online media resource for today’s recruiting world, offering a signature mix of content, news, webinars, podcasts, videos, eBooks, white papers and events that develop professional best practices.” What´s not to like?
  • Droneblog is a great resource for all kinds of commercial industry insight, including international coverage.

What to podcast
For those of you who would rather listen than read, check out these three podcasts:

  • The Leadership Biz Café promises to help you become the best leader you can be.
  • DriveThruHR – this podcast is made up of easy-to-digest 30-minute chunks in which guest speakers discuss everything from leadership to talent management to organizational culture.
  • HR Works focuses on clear and actionable advice that can help you change your approach to recruiting, hiring, and talent management.

So, that´s my list. What’s on yours?

Now head into summer with abandon – whether it’s to the beach or the mountains…or your own backyard. In any event, I hope you´ll get some inspiration out of one or all of the listed resources. May they help you in some way to tackle your leadership and recruiting challenges.