Unmannedpower offers a full spectrum of recruiting, consulting, and support services to meet your every need at a price point you can afford. From direct staffing to on-call executive consulting and decision support, we can help you advance your unmanned business to the next level by connecting you to the talent you need. Click on the links below for more information on our suite of services.

Direct Placement

Through our direct placement recruiting process, Unmannedpower assumes all responsibility for recruiting and screening candidates so you can focus on growing your business.


EMPOWER is your recruiting EASY button – a highly customizable methodology to build the internal processes and tools you need to reduce the time-to-hire, avoid costly mis-hires, and develop a reputation as a great place to work!

Unmannedpower by the Hour™

Our team of experts provide executive level consulting and decision support by the hour or by the job to help you compete and win in a hyper-competitive marketplace.

Direct Placement

At Unmannedpower we’re not in the business of providing you resumes; we are in the business of providing you expert talent.

As the only professional recruiting and consulting firm created to serve the unmanned and robotics industry, we understand unmanned and speak your language. As your business partner, we focus on understanding your business, your culture, and your employment needs.

Our recruiting efforts are aggressive, proactive, and 100 percent focused on the unmanned and robotics industry. Unmannedpower’s consultants are recognized, industry leaders. We know what to ask and how to screen candidates for unmanned jobs because it is all we do, and we are committed to providing you the best talent in the industry. 


People Management isn’t easy! It’s a nuanced and time-consuming process that truly has the ability to make or break your business. Yet, it is often an afterthought, an “other duty as assigned,” a hat you don’t have time to wear. 

At UnmannedPower, we understand your challenge, and we know as you grow your business, it’s important to develop a synergistic recruiting and employee engagement function to support your growth.

You asked, and we delivered, by developing our EMPOWER suite of solutions.

EMPOWER is a deeply developed and highly customizable methodology created with our growing companies in mind. We audit and upgrade your recruiting processes, put in place the structure to attract, hire and onboard the best in the industry, and set-up programs to retain your team and promote employee engagement. 

We don’t just teach you to fish…we give you a customized fishing rod and bait.

Pay us once to EMPOWER your company instead of paying a recruiter over and over to fill jobs!

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Unmannedpower by the Hour™

Looking to expand your company’s capabilities by leveraging the tremendous power of unmanned systems? Perhaps you’re considering exploring new market segments, or new technology applications as paths to increased profitability. But before you invest, you need rock solid information from a broad spectrum of respected and reliable people who know the unmanned industry.

Our senior consultants are chosen from the cream of the industry. They are serving or have served as CEOs, Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents, and technical/engineering leads for major unmanned systems-related organizations. They know the companies, the capabilities, the costs, and can open the doors you need opened to ensure success. Our team of experts provide UnmannedPower by the HourTM to help you compete and win in a hyper-competitive marketplace.

Our team provides executive-level assessment and decision support in areas such as:

• Business case development and strategy
• Investment strategies
• Corporate structuring to support unmanned systems
• Go-to-market strategy
• Identifying key partnership opportunities with highly-respected firms that can help your organization “break in” to key markets such as DoD, NASA, DHS, environmental, oil & gas, and Academia.
• Government contracting guidance
• Expert guidance on DOT, FAA and international regulatory compliance 

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Must Do Hiring and Retention Practices for the Unmanned and Robotics Industry

Do you know what the key hiring and retention practices you aren’t implementing yet but should be if you hope to remain competitive in the growing unmanned and robotics industry?

Have you ever wondered if your competitors have trouble finding, hiring, or retaining experienced unmanned and robotics talent? What are they doing differently or better than you?

Have you ever wondered how to adjust your hiring strategies to attract and keep top performers in an industry in which we don’t know when the market will take off or exactly what it will look like?

You are not alone! These are questions I address every day with your partners, suppliers, and competitors in the unmanned and robotics industry. 

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